Husky Polo & Cat Mimi party

Let’s have fun together Like our Facebook page Xene Family Husky Polo and Cat Mimi Husky Polo and Kitten Mimi Date : Time : Venue  Cost per pax : $28 (include a goody bag)      Our Sponsors Cherish  Cherish Academy  Master My Maths Cherish Edutainment Xene Family GraceXene  


Hi join us for Yoga and Brunch @sunrise Yoga@sunrise Special thanks to Our Sponsors Cherish Edutainment. Cherish.  Cherish Academy. Simplicity Yoga,  Sunrise Bistro, Miki Inc    

Husky Polo & Cat Mimi Party

You are welcome to join us for the Xene Family Birthday Bash at Sunrise  Venue Date Time Cost per pax  $20 Cost per pet $8 Cost per fur Daddy&Mummy $40 (furbb  free) Early Birds sign up $18/pax $6/pet Our Sponsors Cherish Academy.  ( Cherish .  ( Master My Maths. ( Xene Family.  (Facebook page Xene…

March MasterMyMaths Camp

1) Master My Maths camp Does your child struggle with algebra? Is your child looking for strategies to master algebra? Through the Master My Algebra workshops, we enable students to unblock their fears and build confidence in algebra, and to achieve significant understanding in algebra after our Maths modules. We have many happy students and…

Enrichment Math Science Camp

Math Science Camp    Master My Maths  Camp MathScienceCamp We* will be conducting Mathematics and Science camps for high-school students in June 2016. The camps, with different themes, will be small in size and interactive. Each Camp will be approximately 3 hours long, with short breaks included. The tentative themes for the different camps are:…

Teachers ‘ Fun Workshop

Teachers Interactive Fun Play Workshop Be the x factor teacher Be a good mentor Tips on inspiring your srudents  Facilitator : Bernadette & Adeline Of   Teachers Workshop  

Cherish Edutainment

We are a believer of learn through entertainment and fun play.  U participate we deliver.  Unleash our talents and share your experience and knowledge with others Only at  Cherish We have variety of Edutainment programmes ranges from kids…,  girls, boys .  NS boys…… adults, mom, dad, ….. golden age group  Age Group : 4 to…