March MasterMyMaths Camp

1) Master My Maths camp

Does your child struggle with algebra?
Is your child looking for strategies to master algebra?

Through the Master My Algebra workshops, we enable students to unblock their fears and build confidence in algebra, and to achieve significant understanding in algebra after our Maths modules.
We have many happy students and happy parents after attending our Maths modules .

Master My Maths: Master My Algebra Workshop Module 1
Before embarking on any learning journey, it is essential to ‘prepare the ground’ to ensure optimal learning takes place. To enable students to understand algebra can be as easy as ABC with the right techniques and problem solving skills. The workshop will enable students to understand better the learning process and how to enjoy and use it to further enhance their lives. In addition, the students will obtain strategies to maximize their learning capacity. And to understand the key important foundation for algebra and transform their mind’s block on Maths.
Topics covered : ( Sec 1- sec 5)
Algebraic Expression
Expansion and Factorisation
Linear Equation
Problems Solving

Master My Maths: Master My Algebra Workshop Module 2
The key to motivation is being able to do difficult Maths sums or boring Maths sums easily. In this Module 2 workshop, your child continues to master efficient learning strategies and strategies for motivation to build their confidence in algebra. As life for a student can often be stressful, we will also include stress management techniques during the workshop. They will gain a deeper awareness on the different types of stress that they face, obtain tips on how to manage exam stress and to deal with ongoing stress positively.
Topics covered : (Sec2-5)
Subject of the formula
Algebraic Fraction
Linear and Quadratic Equation
Linear and Quadratic Problems solving
Simultaneous Equation

Details for both workshop
Maths Age group: Sec 1 sec 5
Dates:   (Master My Algebra Workshop Module 1)
(Master My Algebra Workshop Module 2)
: ​​​

(both days)
Fee: ​​​ $98 per module
$180 for 2 modules
Facilitators: ​​Adeline Ng and Bernadette Chua
• Book prizes will be awarded during the Algebra Maths challenge part of the programme.
• Participants will receive a goodie bag containing one mathematics book (valued at $20) and refreshments


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