Husky Polo & Cat Mimi party

Let’s have fun together Like our Facebook page Xene Family Husky Polo and Cat Mimi Husky Polo and Kitten Mimi Date : Time : Venue  Cost per pax : $28 (include a goody bag)      Our Sponsors Cherish  Cherish Academy  Master My Maths Cherish Edutainment Xene Family GraceXene  

Husky Polo & Cat Mimi Party

You are welcome to join us for the Xene Family Birthday Bash at Sunrise  Venue Date Time Cost per pax  $20 Cost per pet $8 Cost per fur Daddy&Mummy $40 (furbb  free) Early Birds sign up $18/pax $6/pet Our Sponsors Cherish Academy.  ( Cherish .  ( Master My Maths. ( Xene Family.  (Facebook page Xene…